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No more tar and nicotine info on packs The tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide yields of cigarettes must henceforth be measured on the basis of referenced ISO standards, as existing indications displayed on cigarette packets have proven to be misleading, MEPs say. They therefore propose that no such information should be included on packs. Now, ignore for now the bizarre situation of the EU demanding less information for consumers - the exact opposite of the costly regulatory burdens they place on every other marketable product in existence - but instead let's concentrate on the word "misleading". From SunwolfNC. Good job, my friend. Here's a moving papercraft model from Kirin Beverage Co. I had an entirely different post planned for today, but when I heard the news that Mary Tyler Moore passed away, I could not ignore her passing and reflect upon the effect she had on my young life. Mary Tyler Moore's character of Mary Richards was a very positive role model for young girls and young women. Her level headed, spunky and sunny attitude was one that I certainly wanted to emulate. Mary Richards proved to us that a woman can handle a grumpy boss, an unprepared newsman, and eventually the over sexed character of Sue Ann, with grace, diplomacy and good cheer. I have always been especially fond of the relationship between Mary and her neighbor Rhoda. Mary was the sweet small town girl, and Rhoda was the bold and brash New Yorker. Their first meeting was when Mary went to look at the apartment Phyllis told her about. It's fascinating to hear Messrs Roberston, Cunliffe and Little proclaim that they have not made any decision on whether to put their names forward as Leader of the Labour Party. Gueez Wayne. give us normal people a break. We have control freeks among the socialists, the Melons and a handful of "names" suggesting that the flawed legislation created by the Clark cabal and discovered only recently to be so seriously flawed as to need rewriting by the Key Government to legitimise what had been accepted by those in the surveilance arm of the state. To permit, with a warrant from a Judge, electronic activity by the GCSB in conjunction with the Police, the NZDF and The SIS to attempt to thwart those who would attack our nation under the cloak afforded by our free democratic traditions is acceptable to me. As with the clearly signalled "partial asset sales", our government has a mandate to govern and that includes introducing legislation to the House for consideration and a simple majority of one vote is all that is needed to make it into law. Just because it is not what the rabble of unelectables would wish, it is what it is and the GCSB bill will pass. 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This one will make one of her grandchildren very happy, I'm sure. The Circle Lord Swirls template looks just right for this quilt. Darlings, how perfect are these plaid pieces for autumn! CC is so excited for the change in seasons. How about you? Alice + Olivia Lolita plaid platform pumps, at shopbop. Dries van Noten plaid inset gloves, at barneys. Darlings, here are just a few of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with!Munnu diamond and ruby bird ring, at barneys. What a spectacular statement piece! Elizabeth Cole oversized fan drop earrings, at gilt. Gianvito Rossi Stylized two-tone sandal, at barneys. Monika Chiang croc Mohawk pump, at monikachaing. So cool!B Brian Atwood Linford floral booties, at shopbop. What they did was indefensible and cruel. This was so wrong on so many levels. Based on what I know so far, this is my assessment:The LA Times did this without the consent and support of the teachers. Just because the LONE researcher who conducted the analysis is from RAND Corporation doesn't mean anything.