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After yesterday's traumas, what a contrast! Sun on the Shroppie, warmth in the air, people looking cheerful, all springtime's reproductive results on display on the water and in the fields. Lunch of homemade bread that had risen and baked as we travelled, and one of my best beloved's Scotch broth sort of soup made with stock from the bones of Sunday's chicken. We picked up the stove door, mended overnight for a pittance by yesterday's friendly engineer, and at Wheaton Aston topped up the diesel tank for the best price this side of Kuwait.

We passed under bridges… over aqueducts… moving at a very different pace… with time to look… Only from the canal do you only see Brewood church like this… and stop for lunch like this… And we're still an hour ahead of schedule for meeting up with my best beloved's brother on the Llangollen next week.

A very good day!. These are my quilty scraps. I use them all the time and make lots of fun projects from them. These are the shelves in my studio where I keep my fabric. I keep my fabric in baskets by color. You can see the smaller baskets on top. inside those are my little quilty scraps! When I buy fabric. After reading a post on Kirb Appeal about Kirby's fall mantel, I decided to go with glass containers. Dried hydrangeas, the few that bloomed in my garden this year, fill one container. A few tiny pumpkins and gourds join one of the trio of pumpkins I made from left over drop cloth. Colorful leaves and a candle fill the other container. My goal for October - Enjoy Life - is tucked into the container and mini drop cloth pumpkins sit at the side. Last January, Steve and I were hiking above city hall and he took the photo that inspired the painting. It might have been winter, but the colors fit perfectly with my fall mantel. Gibb first mooted the idea in November, telling publishers that “I want every secondary school to have a stock of classics such as Great Expectations, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre so that whole classes across the country can enjoy them together”, because “access to these wonderful novels shouldn’t be the preserve of the few”.

Paul W.

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F. I think it's just Groot left. . A few years ago, I documented the process in flowcharts. Disclaimer: things may have changed.

This is to give an overall "big picture" approach to what is required and approximate timeframes.

cibt. Art of CountingThe Art of Counting project is based on the application of statistical analyses to visual material. The dam is located near the Fourth Cataract of the river, in that part of Nubia desert where the Nile is creating its Great Bend, a contorted path of the river through the bedrocks of Bayuda Massif. Few years ago, the satellite imagery showed a fertile strip of land with many villages, where the paleochannels of the Nile hosted vivid green cultivated fields. With term "paleochannel", we call the old dry bed of rivers. Now, a huge part of this valley is under the waters of Merowe Dam reservoir that flooded villages, fields and archaeological sites. A few photos from our lunch out at a Manly cafe with Helen last weekendChecking out what's going onOh hello Mommy!Nice and relaxed. I am a prisoner of restaurant dining. A willing prisoner, mind you. But I enjoy cooking. On Friday, I decided enough was enough. Even though our local markets do not seem to receive the first quality produce, it is a lot better than anything my Salem Safeway offered. So, I went in search of vegetables to make a pasta dish. A small break for a small project. I broke away from bags to put together a travel makeup brush roll. Since I recently found a great deal on some brushes I now have more than one girl probably needs, so therefore a greater need to have a proper place for them when I travel. It also turned out big enough to hold mascara and lip gloss. Sad thing is, I don't have plans to travel any time soon to use it! But hey, its ready to be used when I make my last minute travel plans. Do you have a need for one of these?. I wonder why the sequel wasn't as popular even though the plot had stayed quite true to the original. Despite a top rating anime in U. S in the past, Macross II probably didn't touch the heart of Macross fans from other parts of the world, especially toy manufacturers. To defeat the alien menace the Earth government must resurrect the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross once again. Hi guys. I added a new french player to the brflines site. Nicolas Renevand's page begins with only one pic. But I'm sure you'll like it. Ciao!. There has always been a suspicion that the real reason that the tobacco control industry tends to dislike vaping is simply because it looks, to the uneducated, like smoking. They can never say that, of course, because it's akin to claiming that water should be treated as a controlled substance because it looks like vodka. However, this week saw an article published by the University of Chicago which is the closest yet to admitting that, yes, the fact that vaping looks like smoking really is the reason many want the devices banned. “The new e-cigarettes, known as vape pens, are now larger and more powerful devices,” said study director Andrea King, PhD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience and director of the clinical addictions research laboratory at the University of Chicago.

I might be partial.

but baby boys are so sweet! I don't care what they say. girls are more fun to dress. yada yada rofl! I love the blues you get to use with baby boys. Hanno thanks you, I do too and though it might sound strange to people outside the blogging world, knowing there are thoughts and prayers being sent to us, makes a real difference. You sail along building debt with a home loan, credit card debt and a car loan that you thought you'd easily pay. Then on top of that there is your phone and your partner's phone, broadband, pay TV, gym memberships, insurance, your holiday, the kid's camps, entertainment, your new iPad, laptops for the kids, clothes and shoes for everyone, education costs and toys to make the kids happy. So we have decided to leave Etsy. Change is the only constant. Its time for us to evolve too. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expect different results. Let me explain, it wasn't the customers! It was the way Etsy had, well, changed. However one of our readers asked me a question about storing Filofax Mini pages. This means that you can slot Mini pages in to Pocket size including the Pocket Storage binders as shown in the photograph above. It’s the first suitable day there’s been for many months, either in terms of birds in the vicinity or a wind and rain-free day. But this morning there seemed to be lots of bird song, Blackbird, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Song Thrush, Robin, Dunnock and Great Tit. At the big house across the way a pair of Jackdaws busied themselves by inspecting the double chimneys as Collared Doves and Woodpigeons closely watched the action. Full marks to anyone who stops to puzzle but then correctly identifies the species from the feather before reading on - go to the top of the class. It’s not a species generally associated with gardens but does occur in them more than one might imagine, especially during cold and frosty weather. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. You can get it at an affordable price in ebook format. Over the decades the genre has gone from camp to counter-culture, from pop art to postmodern, from noir to new wave. Today’s superheroes feature in bestselling novels, hit TV shows, Hollywood blockbusters … and Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories. Will try to get my hands on a review copy. Sieste. But the soups at lunch are: Hungarian Mushroom Cream of Asparagus New England Clam Chowder Butternut Squash Apple Walnut Chicken Matzo Ball White Bean and Ham Miso Vegetable w/Soba Noodles Vegan VegetableTonight's opening is going to be a lot of fun! Stop back by!! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. Don't get cocky!. It was a perfect Saturday. Clear skies. Warm temperatures. And amazing fashions were on the agenda for the day. The event takes place at a spectacular private residence right on the lake. For the first time in nine years, we didn't plant a big vegetable garden this summer. The traveling dictated that and it felt weird at first. We are fortunate, however, to have many friends that garden and sell at local farmer's markets. This past Sunday we heard a motor pulling closer to our house and looked out the window to see our neighbors on their tractor pulling a cart full of just picked produce. They insisted we take all that we wanted and to visit their garden anytime to get more. My husband and I take great satisfaction in growing food. But the weirdness of not growing it ourselves this year has been replaced with deep gratitude for friends that keep us so beautifully fed. I am failing miserably!! I have been so busy with school that this just is not happening. I have not drawn much of anything in weeks. This next week I am teaching my first lesson. It will be a non-representational charcoal activity. My plan is to do this activity myself before teaching it to the class. Hopefully I will be able to fit this in.

Mid terms are next week, so I will already be a bit more busy than usual.

The first collage I posted on eBay had bidders the same day I posted it, so I figured I'd make another small collage available for auction. These small collages are not available in galleries. Hope everyone has had a great week! I am pretty sure that I have. I am writing this ahead of time, because today I am flying back from CHA. That is where I have been all week long. I have been so busy lately trying to get those CHA projects done and on top of that, we've had three sets of guests this month. However, I was able to make a layout for today's post. There is nothing fancy about it, so there are no words of wisdom to share with you. It is just a plain and simple layout where I have used my wonderful ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbons. .