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Further to the other previous posting on modern engineers’ wagon loads, here are a number of images of my other attempts at creating realistic loads from scrap materials. The retaining strips are formed from thin strips of electrician’s insulation tape, fixed with superglue.

Finally, the Hornby OAA, simply carries a number of loose pallets and a scrap oil drum, strewn around the floor.

This recreates a real scene that I remember seeing in the engineers’ siding at Stafford many moons ago. From the youtube channel of the Trail To Bigfoot team: We finally got the human-type face shot! After we heard the vocals we stopped dead in our tracks. I've been telling folks there's a human-type out there. The human looking face with the hooded nose is visible.

Some recent stories hint at some of the origins of such arrogance.

The less fortunate's anger was not directed indiscriminately at the successful or the rich, but those who got wealthy by gaming the system, or flaunting the rules that lesser mortals had to obey. Perhaps not surprisingly, some of those most vulnerable to such criticism have responded with contempt. Here is the final review set on Coronary Artery Disease for Student Respiratory Therapists. Excellent videos to introduce or refresh on these concepts. This EV-W defender missed. I'm super excited to let you all know that I'm curating a sale for Joss and Main and it goes live tonight!! There are all sorts of beautiful pieces that will be featured in my collection. Check these beauties out. See more after the break.

This winter panel is from the Birds and Berries line by Clothworks.

You can find this panel and…. these fabrics that go with the panel at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Get started on those winter projects now. Also new at the Attic Window Quilt Shop are these books and patterns from Australia. This quilt is in the book “A Boys Story" by Annie Downs of Hatched & Patched. Wouldn’t it be fun to make? This is the inside of the book “The Life of a Bag” also by Annie Downs of Hatched & Patched. It was indeed a VERY nice moment, and I was so happy to be there for it. Because of this the Cathedral is known as "La Manquita" or "The One-Armed Lady". There are lots of other architectural delights throughout this part of the city. The market, El Mercado Central Atarazanas, was built using the grand entrance to the walled city which was constructed by the Moors.

Opposite the market is a rather special bar.

It was certainly a most interesting visit. translated. The word listen contains the same letters as the word silent. SelahOffer right sacrifices and trust in the LORD. Images - Alex Snellgrove. Images - Chanel. For several years now I have wondered about trees, pigs and Provectus Pharmaceuticals: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a pig farts in the wind and no one is around to smell it, does it stink? When will Mr. Market notice Provectus? About me? I am a large shareholder. At the time of this post: My share holdings number in the seven figures. I have not sold any shares. These thoughts result from what I believe to be extensive and lengthy due diligence.

Sue's surgery went very well today, she is home and is doing just great! So many of you had asked how she was, and I have passed along your good wishes to her.

She will be up and about as early as tomorrow afternoon and she was already fielding phone calls when I left this evening. She is a real trooper, but then she hails from hearty stock. Maybe someone will be a royal pain, or make me cake with royal icing. "A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for her. I only have so much creative juice in me. Knowing the lambs and sheep are counted and fine, that the pigs are chewing, that the pregnant goats have their hay and grains - and sit down with some logo work while the dogs chomp on kibble and the day is new - that is a good feeling. I watch updates from James Corden and Graham Norton and catch up with favorite writers, actors, filmmakers and storytellers as I work on designs. By my list I have worked with four clients today and have an email from one new prospect. That is work and hope, right there. Imagine the ideal man, a Renaissance man. Imagine reading about that man in his home-as inventor, designer, writer, collector, musician-a man who lived beautifully. To my pleasure- there are several somethings-but this- THE JEFFERSONIAN IDEAL was beyond. Pairing Pulitzer-prize winning author of Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power, Jon Meacham, and House Beautiful is a match made in the lofty halls of an ideal place like- well, Jefferson's beloved Monticello-indeed it was-and the result is rare-not to mention grand. Leave it to Charlotte Moss to shape the issue into a memorable one to be savored, and saved. Ho finalmente trovato le cornici giuste per questi due ricami su disegno di Goodehuswife. Mi piacciono le'sproporzioni' e anche i colori. soprattutto amo il significato delle scritte. I finally finded the right frames for these two Goodehuswife designs. They're reproduction sampler as you can see from the dates stitched on them. I really like the colors and the shapes of the big flowers against the very small people. Hello Ai fans! Hard to believe that it's October, isn't it?? It's the month that is about all things scary. Now for the fun stuff. Here is a cute little bag I put togetherwith the new Love you much set. I will be posting quite a few things today as you know I am working with a broken camera that I now have to send back so I can get my new one!!Sorry for the crummy photos gals!. Now that I'm in the habit of saving them, I can't stop! This is where I started a couple of weeks ago. If you are wondering, the red is Kona Tomato. Many thanks to Karen Griska for writing a great pattern! I opted to set the blocks on point and skipped the borders. This size fits perfectly on my kitchen wall. Selvage quilts are heavy, so a lap quilt wasn't appealing to me. I knew I wanted to quilt this with red and white thread. One of the pleasures of a slow summer is having the time to make cordial. Drinking homemade cordial on a hot day is one of joys of the season for us so I make sure our favourites are ready for the hottest days. I love ginger cordial, Hanno loves elderberry cordial, so they are our mainstays. Made with fresh ginger and elderberries from our tree in the backyard, I just add lemon and sugar and that's it. Cordial bought at the supermarket is generally a concoction of water, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. Making your own is easy to do and a much healthier option. I make up the drink with a small amount of cordial syrup and add cold sparkling mineral water and ice.

Hearing those ice cubes clinking in the glass is one of the things I love about summer.

Two bags of elderberries from the freezer, a lemon and lime, water and sugar. St. be back again soon. I've never been one to work in a tidy space. For one, the materials I use are messy- the excelsior gets everywhere not to mention all the pulled fur, thread, and fabric scraps- I finally gave up on a trash can and for the most part everything just goes on the floor waiting to be swept up at some point. The same goes for my worktable, but I must admit since my last studio move I find myself a little scrunched into this smaller space. I have to be a bit more mindful about how much I let the mess spread. I'll have to adjust my practice to fit the space and smile through it. Greetings, Okay y'all. I wanna play a little game with everyone. and let's talk about the movies. Not your favourite stars. or soundtracks. And the cool, and slightly terrifying, thing is, that once you are fully conscious about something, once you “know” something on that level, you can no longer “not know” it, you can’t go “Ahhh, never mind, I’ll go back to sleep after all!” You can make a different choice, you can add and subtract, you can confront or hide, you can allow it or fight it every step of the way - but you can not un-know it! So, here I am with my word “courage,” and yes, I have already learned a whole lot more about my little word. Mostly, I have learned that I don’t even know the half of it! When “courage” came to me, I was quite sure what it meant. And really I think, it does for most of us, in it’s purest definition. It’s what we’ve been taught. Well, turns out, there is just so much more to it than that! It all started when I came across this quote: Another word for creativity is courage! - Henri Matisse That really hit home for me! I’ve been trying to play it safe for so long in my art, and just recently have I let go of that a little, been more courageous, more vulnerable, more from my heart! And then the next thing I came across, really rocked my world a little. "Won't" means a shorter, temporary delay controlled by the Republic. Translated: Just not time yet, but we're making progress. "Can't" means a much longer, more permanent delay controlled by the Chinese. Translated: The cabal is putting up more resistance than planned for, we're not making the kind of progress we had hoped for. We know neither pathway was part of the original master plan, which was to sync up with the Super Bowl for a weekend distraction. .