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I enjoyed re-reading this post - it's a bit of fun, and a reminder of the importance of godly planning and hard work done in God's strength.

But if you want to skip straight to the point, or if reading about someone's busy morning will leave you discouraged, feel free to scroll to the end of this post!Here's how my morning was shaping up:- Get out of bed. Feel tired. Feel discouraged about the number of things I should do today. - Eat breakfast. Have shower.

Get kids ready for the day.

Hostess has given up. I wish they could've kept working with the union, but they will not go on. The timing on this is horrible. I know others will buy pieces of them and the Hostess cupcake will continue to be available, but I've known other brands that were bought out and never tasted the same afterwards. This basket is for me and The Younger Son to hold a wake for Hostess. R. I. P. This picture of the Memphis Wonder Bread Bakery is from the I Love Memphis blog. Rom. It is a perennial issue, that is, false teachers. And our Lord says something wonderfully and disarmingly simple: the inside and the outside must match. There is a sensibility about this in the society in some areas. We have laws about truth in advertising.

The list of ingredients on the outside of the can need to be the same as the inside, and, if not, there are penalties.

But the society rarely thinks of this in terms of other important areas, as well. The Lord has given us the whole truth through His Church, and no one may replace it with an agenda or ideology. We are very upset about the mass murder/suicide at Virginia Tech. We are not upset at all about the mass murder/suicides that take place almost daily in Iraq. We wondered about the motive for the massacre. A few days later we found out the motive because Mr. Cho made his testimony to the country via NBC. He was deranged but that did not make him innocent. He was an evil man. We do not wonder about the motives of the mass murderers, suiciders in Iraq. These murderers are not leaving DVD’s giving their reasons. Perhaps we know their motives or perhaps we do not care. The difference is that these mass murderers/suiciders are not isolated cases of derangement. They are hundreds, thousands of trained, deranged people. They are trained by hysteric clerics in many mosques and schools around the world. They are waiting in line for a time and place that someone else assigns to them to murder. If we knew that a certain pastor trained Mr. In a sweetheart deal over two years ago, the Munjals bought back the stake held by their Japanese partner Honda and simultaneously brought in Bain Capital and Singapore’s GIC as investors. EBR is a three-year-old firm started by Eric Buell, a former executive with the iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson. After Harley-Davidson shut Buell Motorcycle a few years ago, Buell moved out to start up again. Harley-Davidson continues to hold the brand rights for Buell but EBR is an independent venture of its founder. The rule – published on Oct. At Bearing Station we have tried to offer as many payment options as possible. This week are pleased to announce that we are now able to accept Paypal via our website. Visit us HERE for more information.


Databases: Patent vs. non-patent, free vs. subscription, as well as which databases specialize in particular subject areas, along with their pros, cons & features. By: Nebraska Supreme Court. More Information. Goals: Counsel will perform an opening statement focusing on a particular aspect or aspects of the doctrine of opening statements chosen by the instructor. You can have them deliver an entire opening or a section, but you should narrow your critique to one of the seven principles of opening statements discussed earlier. Requirements: Counsel will include one of the following in their opening statement as defined by the instructor. This is just one of the many holiday charity drives in the District. We are working on putting a list together and posting it to the District website of as many as we can share in the next few days. If you help the campaign via a check, please make it out to: MISD Auto Tech and put "Bikes for Angels" in the memo of the check. All monies raised during this campaign go to bicycles. I love spring. The fresh, happy colors. The warm breezes. New life popping up everywhere! It's such a breath of fresh air! We are supposed to have a terrific warm weekend here in New York for Easter and I'm so excited. We get together with my husband's family and all of the cousins and their children for the Easter egg hunt each year. I was in charge of finding a pinata, so we did that today and found a cute egg pinata.

It's one of my favorite holidays to spoil the girls!I made this little card for the Jenni Bowlin blog and want to share with you how I made the little crepe paper butterflies! See the blog HERE for the tutorial and supply list.

I am so loving crepe paper. They are really easy and fun to make. I used the Jenni Bowlin Crepe Paper Ribbon for this one, but you could use any size. Both roosts were watched this evening. drhawass. This site contains the famous tomb of Maya, who was the treasurer of King Tut, as well as the tomb of Horemheb, the general of King Tut who later became king. The Ministry is currently in the process of developing a management plan for the Saqqara site. Jace has been the sweetest little guy a Momma could ever ask for. If he had been my first baby, I probably would be thinking, “Oh, this baby stuff is so easy. I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal about it. ” But I’ve been through this enough to know better: Not every baby is like Jace. Right now he’s been feeding and sleeping REALLY well. He even took a nap while he went with Chris and I on a Saturday afternoon date for some BBQ sandwiches. We went to one of those restaurants on wheels, because I’m way too germ-phobic to be taking my newborn anywhere out in the public for weeks. Like around six. the brands… sweater: the limited. blouse: ann taylor loft. pants: ny&co.

shoes: stuart weitzman.

I am adoring this shade of ocean blue… emerald green… turquoise… “ish” color. Some people buy one clothing article in multiple colors, I buy multiple clothing articles in one color! . Hearing is one of the body's five senses. But listening is an art. Frank Tyger Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance - for understanding proverbs and parables, the sayings and riddles of the wise. Prize Students? The US is aiding and enabling Saudi Arabia's genocidal war against Yemen while the Saudis send weaponry to the Syrian rebel groups the US has officially abandoned. Noted: Accepting the evidence on climate change “doesn’t make you liberal, it makes you scientifically literate. ” Actually, sir, you are. dailypicksandflicks. not during the liturgy. Our worship is not about expressing ourselves, celebrating ourselves, or sharing our talents or ideas. In other words, it is about He, not me. Unfortunately, that is not what the liturginazis seem to think. Every time I go back, there seem to be more. delivering drugs. Not, I repeat, navy plastic pineapples. This is the first swap page for a CJ swap I am in, where we don't actually send the books but just make the pages and send them out individually. I used coffee to make the paper have the distressed appearance, stamped the background with faded writing and then swiped Gel Medium and a dash of gold paint over the surface which gives it a lovely gold wash effect.

I added some 'rain drops' with Glossy Accents to the umbrella man.

Hope Lou likes it. Do you know Susan Anderson? Of course you do.

She is an incredibly prolific author and designer and all around fabulous woman.

I have a copy for one of you! Susan's new book is called Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys.

That's a mouthful! But a very cute mouthful.

What you can't tell about the book is that it has an interactive cover. You'll have to trust me on this. You pull a tab and the cover photo changes. Those pull tab books were always Julia's favorites. Adults obviously like them too.

I will take some of the Spirit that is upon you, and I will put the Spirit upon them also.

They will bear the burden of the people along with you, so you will not have to carry it alone". Just above it says he became very aggravated with the people. Sure, there are the up-to-date video game licenses and feature films, but getting a collectible from “before”, might well mean “secondary markets” and “online auctions”. In the past, folks might have no other choice than to secure the toys released from before, but now? There’s an alternative, even if it means having the chance to buy a “representation” of, at a fraction of the cost of a vintage toy. Although not big drinkers, husband and I share a love for vintage barware. I'm going to be keeping things real around the blog now that we are in our house. Unfinished walls and electrical sockets are how we roll right now. I should have moved Char's ugly water dispenser though. It is a longer drive for us since our move, but still worth the trip. After a long spell of rain and windy weather it is no surprise that there are so many visitors here today. blogspot. co. Smooth ocean with fading swell. Still a nice day to be at the beach and a few waves remain to be ridden. Channel: Thigh high, peeling from the outer bar inward. A little bump on it from the tide change but there are lefts to ride on a longboard. Patch: Knee high but rideable on a log and breaking cleanly on the inside and to the right. Limited Edition Surf Art posters are available in the shop. Numbered and signed by a Sonoma County surfer/artist/historian.

Pick one up for the surfer in your family.

Makes a great holiday gift and supports a local artist. Sun should be out shortly to burn off the and give us some warm temps.

Nice surfing conditions with no wind and very glassy ocean surface.

The Channel / Groin has waves that are waist high or better that are very smooth and fun. Breaking left and right all the way to the inside of MaliBo and across to Seadrift on the rights. Everyone is on longboards with a few SUPs in the water as well. The Patch is much smaller and there is no one out there at this time.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.

Respect the Beach. Maillots are anything but matronly, darlings!Runway photos via style. Red Carter Tangier maillot. Siyu Sunspots one-piece. Create a card or paper-craft project using any Beccy's Place image, upload a photo of it to your blog and submit a direct link below. Due to an automated system, late entries cannot be accepted. Each month I will include a re-mastered digital image from my library of freebies. You DO NOT have to use the design on your project, but you MUST use a Beccy's Place image, either free or purchased, to be eligible for entry. You can enter as many times as you like and you can submit your card to any other challenge you wish. To redeem the store credit, winners must have a Beccy's Place customer account. Hi everyone! Corri here with a cute baby card to show you today.

I cut this cute little giraffe with my Cameo.

I used some cute paper from Echo Park - Paradise Beach. I found the burlap ATC at Michaels. I think it makes a cute background for my cute little giraffe. I added a bow with pretty some lace blue seam binding. Parking lot was packed, but the show wasn't too crowded. I picked up a couple more AR mags. I found some mag puls for twelve bucks a pop. Weather wasn't too bad today. Got some chores caught up. Shot over to Lowes and picked up some more LED light bulbs. I had a socket go out on my ceiling fan last month. The Beverly Hillbillies I remember the TV show the Beverly Hillbillies, where the Clampett Family had struck oil on their farm and became rich over night. They moved to Beverly Hills and had a Banker Mr. Drysdale who would do anything and everything to keep the Clampetts happy. That story line is not too far off from how valuable you will be to whatever bank you choose to do business with. .