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"Far from trying to hide the facts, my effort throughout has been to discover the facts—and to lay those facts before the appropriate law enforcement authorities so that justice could be done and the guilty dealt with. Last month, the U. S. The hexagonal terra cotta tiles that cover the floors of Metrorail stations are among the more distinctive features of the subway system serving Washington, D. C. , and its neighbors. Several years ago, the board in charge of Metro debated whether to replace the original hexagonal tiles with square ones. The terra cotta tiles had proved treacherous when wet, and manufacturers of safer tiles apparently made squares but not hexagons. And slicing off corners to turn squares into hexagons would be costly and wasteful.

In the end, Metro decided to test precast concrete paver tiles as a replacement for the original terra cotta tiles.

Close I guess. I think I came up with a clever way of doing that. From SasquatchChronicles. The seasoned outdoorsmen then froze to listen to what came next: two distinct, four-second-long screams that didn’t sound like anything they’ve previously heard in the woods. “You could hear each step,” Neill told The Post on Wednesday. The hardest part of so much of the past several years has been saying goodbye to good things. Time in the sun, outdoor sports, many dreams, plans, and securities are just some. However loosing friends through this battle seems to be the hardest of all the losses. I have watched many fight a glorious battle only to be called home amidst the fray, never able for themselves to see the victory they may have sought. It is this place of observation that I write today. For landlords, this would ensure a fair return so they can properly maintain rental properties. Performance art, rock n roll and Andy Warhol too. Two pigs named Fidel and Raul where at the center of an exhibition of drawings and paintings. In addition, Andy Warhol's acclaimed film The Life of Juanita Castro was projected in Miami's Market Gallery along with a performance by the Cuban punk rock band, Porno para Ricardo. some very nice old and new skool endurance racy stuff check the strange Moto-Work page here. An introductory training on Domestic Relations Law. This one-session training will give you the basics you need to initiate a divorce case. Practice materials will be distributed at the training. Please see the VLP Training Policy. Questions? Contact Isabel Burney More Information:. Identify one leading player in the industry and discuss the problems posed by the technological change. Suggest how the leading player might adapt to and exploit the changes as a strategic innovator. "LEXINGTON, Ky. ". J. So I know I kind of promised a break from coned pets, and chickens, and whatnot, but. He's actually pretty happy. I have photos and video to post on Friday from the game.

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From Osakis we made a quick trip down to Terrace to take in the musical. It was terrific! We then traveled north to Glenwood and spent time at the Pope County Fair as the sun was setting. I have more to post at the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper website on Friday.

Never got around to posting this, but it's definitely worth sharing.

via. C. The research, which will be presented next week at the XII International Congress of Toxicology annual meetings in Barcelona, Spain, reviews ancient literary evidence on the Styx poison in light of modern geology and toxicology. Sometimes, the first time you do a drawing, you sit back and say, "Yeah, this isn't what I had in mind. " So you do it over again. That, plus I'm intent on improving my "painting," means that I did our abducted gymnast getting ballbashed over again. Everyone is unique and different, and we love that! As we always say, we believe in the fact that each and every one our customers are unique and different. But, if you feel that our all size is too small for you. YouTube link. Some views of her home make it look like a archetypal hoarder's residence. Is there anything lovelier than a room that opens to the garden - I don't think so!. Lakshmi Menon, in my opinion, is one of the most versatile models working today. It’s giveaway day here at Bunny Hill. She spent the weekend reading each and every one. So here we go, are you ready? Chelsea did random number drawings. So Karen, Nancy and Rhondi, email me your address and I’ll send a bundle of Chelsea Manor your way! No you can’t have Chelsea. She has to stay here. Hola muchachos!I'm still continuing to reformat the individual player pages on the brflines site. But I did another update today. I added four pics to Mikhail Youzhny's page and fixed one of the broken picture links. If you are wondering what I'm reformatting, browse over to Mikhail's page. You'll see what the new page formats look like. See you guys later!. The cost of UK booze is the third highest in the EU behind Finland and Ireland, and we pay some of the most expensive prices in the world. so today's tiresome 'public health' whine is about how alcohol is, nevertheless, far too cheap. Natch. The report itself is the usual collection of pre-determined 'research', half-truths, selective arguments and junk opinions from professional finger-wagging misery guts, all wrapped up into a package of snake oil salesmanship designed to grab a few headlines and enrage the more bovine judgemental pricks in society. However, one theme stands out for its stunning hypocrisy. You see, these alcohol-haters seem to think that they're a big friend of pubs now. I think that Mr. He's got it down.

Thanks, David.

Stay safe. Hi everyone Laurel here. I have a card to share today. With Valentine's Day just around the corner I used the So Into You kit to create a card for my hubby. I do a lot of baking, it's my preferred method of cooking and I'd say I use my oven four or five times a week. We had to replace ours about six months ago and I bought an AEG oven.

What a find! In addition to normal baking, it grills, turbo grills, has bottom and top heat, it defrosts, dehydrates, has a pizza setting, I can bake various things on multi-levels at the same time, it has telescopic runners, a child lock and it cleans itself.

The instruction manual tells me I can do preserves in the oven but I haven't tried that yet and doubt I will. This is not a sponsored post. It fits into the same space the old oven fit into but it's bigger inside. The baking tray slides in from wall to wall so when we have visitors here, I can bake a leg of lamb and enough vegetables for large meal in the one tray. Even heavy trays on the telescopic runners are very safe and I can pull the trays right out to check what's cooking and nothing falls or is unstable. Our three winners will get their hands on a copy of Reach for Infinity, a new science fiction anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan, courtesy of the folks at Solaris. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winners are: - Zachary Paul, from Haslett, Michigan, USA - Timothy Broekhuizen, from Hudsonville, Michigan, USA - Roddy Williams, from London, England Many thanks to all the participants!.

There is a very interesting Mind Meld on sfsignal.

They asked a bunch of authors these questions:What are some of the most overdone tropes and stereotypes in SF/F? What are some of the most useful? What are some of the most damaging? Follow this link to read their answers.

Thanks to the folks at Night Shade Books, this lucky winner will get his hands on a copy of Zachary Jernigan's No Return for you to win! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

The winner is: - Derek Jirovec, from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA Many thanks to all the participants!. The following story is entirely a work of fiction. If you find any errors, spelling, grammatical, or otherwise, please let me know. If you wish to send praise or criticism, please use the email address below. If you wish to just mindlessly gripe, please don't. This story is, to repeat, a work of fiction. Some of the characters are based on real people, but all events contained in the story are fictional. This story may be subject to future revisions without prior notice. What would be good now is if they could earn a post position advantage by winning a second or third Challenge race. Forever Together is an appealing story and a worthy BC starter off that scintillating last to first rally - hope you got a chance to see that overhead shot on ABC. As a matter of fact, the Form reports that, like Nick, Frankel is Leery of a synthetic Cup.

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