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I can tell you a few general things to look for when shopping for a used lathe. The first impression is important. If you walk in and it looks clean and new that's a pretty good indicator. If you get closer and it looks like it been recently painted you will need to look a little closer. Look for over spray and bad paint masking. Hopefully the owner has power to it so you can run the spindle. Question them about where it came from how they got it, how they moved it in, and what they use it for. You are either not who I thought or quite blind to where we are. I am sorry for either. After all, he is the only one tracking the very dirty laundry in the White House. " I would submit that, if you haven't figured out that I love this nation, then you haven't been paying attention. And if you think that Glenn Beck is the only watchdog on the White House, then you might consider broadening your view. Labels: callback, One Nation, polarization. So, I’ll leave the brilliant expositors of the future to their works and try to do what I have always been trying to do here and bring some practical understanding of how this can be applied to the Christian today. Read it again. The Element of Crime, released in the U. S. It takes place in a near-future dystopic Europe. The horses have a hard time of it. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows. The sections will autoplay from this link. The New York Times calls it "a film noir that's murky without being terribly mysterious. Once again I take you inside a bike where you normally wouldn't go. This one is a bit unusual in that it is a part of a "tri-bike", themselves being an unusual breed of bicycle in the first place. From the earliest manuscripts of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne – written with a quill pen in a minuscule hand designed to mimic the printed page – to explosive novels, such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, written in adulthood by Emily and Charlotte, the family’s writings continue to fascinate. FULSHEAR - Madison and Taylor got caught in the middle of their parents troubled marriage and it cost them their lives. The dad, Jason Sheats, has told a family friend that his wife Christy shot their daughters because she wanted him to suffer. The dad reportedly told his wife, 'Just shoot yourself. Make it easy on all of us, just shoot yourself,' and she said, 'No, that's not what this is about, this is about punishing you. Hiya! It is time for this week's Play Date Cafe Challenge! Are you ready? We have a selection of yummy colors this week featuring bubblegum, tangerine, and pear. Here is the scrappy little card I created: I started by inking the edges of my Kraft cardstock with white ink. I added a strip of pink cardstock that I ran through my paper crimper. It was spritzed with Mister Huey's Calico Shine, but it doesn't show up well in the photo. I layered a doily on top of that then added the chipboard butterflies. The sentiment is a fun little transparency, and I adhered it with a mini staple. Now I invite you to head over to the The Play Date Cafe Blog to link up your creation. Analysis of specific phenomena. Describe your example fully, drawing upon class materials, the textbook, and video excerpts on Blackboard. For your thesis, present an argument for which theorist best explains the nature of the example you have chosen. This little motif is a very simple hexagon but can be put together to obtain lots of different shapes. I have simply kept it in an overall hexagon shape in this doily, but you can make triangles, diamonds, rectangles, squares, etc. I shall not write the pattern out for this, as it is so simple, I am sure that someone must have designed it before. via. " How terrific. With adulation and glee too, aided and abetted by the morons that rep the Bay Area media. What a more apt reason why the American Public has no faith in the media and why the media has a more unfavorable rating that ISIS. Three corks and some wire, mostly. I can tell you one thing, and that's this guy obviously doesn't live in Paris. If you're there walking to your favorite cafe, keep your eyes open. Original piece available here, if so inclined. Peter Smith. The holiday edition. Last night, we tried to wrap presents. This morning, we tried to clean up wrapping paper:She helped assemble the play house:And continued to chew the hell out of the Christmas tree:Still the beast lurks, waiting for unwary feet to go past, ripe for swatting and the occasional bite:. Carl Saltee, in Fortier, Minn. Even without the whiteout conditions — climate experts call this zero/zero visibility — many people couldn’t see because the microscopic bits of ice literally froze their eyes shut. ". We have had a mild winter this year. The spring flowers are in bloom and even the azaleas are starting to liven up the landscape. What really surprises me however are how many insects are out already. Makes me want to sewing with spring fabrics. and to start planting some seeds for my veggie garden. Nostalgia: A few members of Congress, who haven't been paying attention for the last decade or two, think Obama needs Congressional authorization to start another war. Silly.

It won't be a war.

En av de få staudene jeg kjøpt tidligere i år er denne dagliljen. Etiketten viste blomst med navn Hemerocallis ‘Precious D’Oro’, en cremeaktig hvit daglilje. Denne er ikke hvit, den har mer ferskenfarge synes jeg. Så om det nå er Hemerocallis ‘Precious D’Oro’ er jeg da ikke helt sikker på. Misstenker sterk at lappen ikke stemmer. Men hva speler det egentlig for rolle, har jeg blitt så opphengt i navn? Blomsten er jo fin, liker fargen veldig godt. Og kanskje neste knopp blir til en hvit blomst? Uansett er det gøy når man får sett blomstrene på stauder alle rede første sommer som man plantet dem. Can it be said that whenever two or more people engage with one another then economic activity will arise? The economic life of prisoners is a long-neglected aspect of prison sociology and penology, even though our economic life can give a powerful insight into our social life and structures. Over the next couple of weeks I shall be posting a series of pieces attempting to give a glimpse into this decidedly murky world. Many thanks go to all the helpers on the day and to Whitecraigs Golf Club for the courtesy of the course. The BEAST is in the studio!No, not the little brown beast with her head behind the pillows, but the big black beast next to her! I think of her as a beast, and so she has a name. She's been in a closet for a year now and I made my husband and son carry her upstairs to my studio. Tough he is NOT so I'm not worried. Shabby and chic she isn't. Well they just lost another sale from me because I would have ordered a pink one, yes I would have. Duplicate Stitch TutorialFor years, I have designed lots of colorful knitwear patterns. But since I'm the kind of knitter who likes to knit in the round, I can honestly say I have never knit anything but a swatch in the intarsia technique. Although I prefer colorful knitwear, I only like knitting with two colors at a time. I keep one in my right hand, one in my left and happily knit along following a chart. I even like to make my swatches on double points in the round with a steek and then cut them. That's what I did with this swatch which was how yesterday's cardigan began. When the sweater came back to me, I added a bunch of duplicate stitch embroidery and a bit of traditional embroidery to pull the whole design together. On the other hand. I read this morning, somewhere, that no one is going to be able to beat the Hildabeast. I'll try to find that again. co. Hi Everyone Since Christmas is really almost here I thought I would focus on a Thanks card. We will all probably need a few of these to thank all the wonderful people that will be giving us gifts. I love the font on this stamp, it's really elegant. Please stop in tomorrow if time permits to check out the next Weekly Challenge theme. So a couple of weeks ago, T let me get out of the house and go to a spinning gathering at Color Crossing. The gathering was a different day, I was mis-informed, so shopping had to still happen. I bought a skein of Tofutsies in a lovely green and white color, I'm thinking knee highs, maybe knee high monkeys. Well even though the skein looks small it can actually get two socks from one ball, but I figured not two knee highs. Fast forward. "General Motors exhibit at Golden State International Exposition, San Francisco. Transparent Car with Pontiac Chassis and Body by Fisher. ". Gratitude. And pie. Git 'er done. Cheers, Scot. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Creamy Garlic Pasta with Shrimp & Vegetables. Serve with: Slices of cucumber and tomato tossed with lemon juice and olive oil. Drain well. Mash garlic and salt in a large bowl until a paste forms.

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When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewKirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from Stacey's Thoughts on Infertility. Andrew's motors in Newcastle. I’ll just have to make do now with the memories of all our wonderful trips. .