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Good morning! Just an FYI - if you see me quiet on my blog next month, I didn't go anywhere but I am taking a short break for the month of July from Stamping Bella and because it's not a release month, I will be quiet with SugarPea too! I started going back to school last year and these summer classes are a wee bit stressful! So I kindly asked my Sista Em for a short break. Thankfully summer classes are only a couple of weeks long! So you won't see me much in July, but promise to be back in August! Today I am sharing "Sweaty Chicks" from Stamping Bella. Yet another mish-mash of a post. In that posting I told the back story of a historic inscription found along Westwater Creek, in eastern Utah. They went north from the Taos area in Spanish New Mexico following Indian trails until they hit the Colorado River near present day Grand Junction, Colorado. The Festival of Fire Every year in December, in the city of Odawara in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan, they hold a festival of fire. Or more accurately, a festival offering protection from fire. This is not unusual in Japan, as there are festivals honouring more or less everything. You can find a festival going on virtually every week somewhere.

It's one of the great pleasures of being in Japan, and also a great way to learn about local culture, tradition, food and generally make friends.

This year I happened to be in Japan just around the time of the festival. irony. Check out this news coverage of some bigfoot encounter witnesses in northern Kentucky. Wondering why? After thinking about the lifestyle of those people, the reason goes as follows. People’s activity everyday is very intense and they get more and more burdened after days of hard work.

So everyone wants a release and the best way to relax and get relieved is to do the dangerous activities, because while you are doing something dangerous, you have to be concentrated on it, and you can’t think about anything else.

Hence you relieved all the unhappiness and the troubles you had in daily work. In addition, to take risks and try out new things is one of human being’s basic instincts. People always like to do something new, especially when something is popular as well. If you don’t try some dangerous activities, people will think that you are a coward and afraid of doing it. There will be a training meeting prior to the start of each round where snacks and beverages will be provided. Judge volunteers that participate for both rounds will receive lunch. my good camera is broken, so I'm using a camera that is not as good, and it's been raining and raining here, so these were taken in my basement with florescent lighting. so sorry. I'm getting a backlog of photos. Natalie Benson. No matter where you are or what the weather may be, you deserve a little taste of summer in your life!.

Oh, what might have been! All the lost potential.

All the apples that never will be. This time of year, our tree's branches are covered in tiny apples.


But, alas, the problem is that there are just too many. If you've missed me announce it previously, the name of this next storyline will be "The Machinations of Worms. As such, here are some fine products that you, as an Atop the Fourth Wall fan, you should be buying for the holiday season!The Atop the Fourth Wall vol. So here goes my first post from yesterday. Newmillerdam Usual small variety of ducks on the lake, most of which I didn't think to count. Regular readers around here will know, I shoot for 'boring' as a standard of living. Unfortunately I'm not getting nothin' for the next little while. I'm trying to figure out exactly how to tell this, because the root of the annoyance goes back FIFTEEN YEARS. I suppose the beginning is a good place. So. Fifteen years ago, the husbeast and I were married. He was military at the time, had been in about three years, so I knew what I was getting into. Puer aeternus. , Latin for "eternal boy", in mythology, is a child-god who is forever young. In psychology, it is an older person whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level. The puer typically leads a provisional life, due to the fear of being caught in a situation from which it might not be possible to escape. He covets independence and freedom, opposes boundaries and limits, and tends to find any restriction intolerable. A. In November, you may have recognised a hint of my exasperation what passes for schooling in Puddlecoteville. As a parent, I am already fully aware of the lackadaisical approach of the state to schooling. Other kids in their respective classes aren't because the teaching is expected to be done by the parents during homework whilst more important matters are injected at school. They haven't been taught capital cities yet, though.

Similarly, when I last told the boy to turn the light off when he leaves a room, he eagerly said he had been taught about that at school.

"It's to cut down on gas in the air, isn't it Daddy?", he enthusiastically volunteered, "No, it's to bloody save money", said I. Stay safe. Whenever I'm working with a tight budget, I always look for vintage pieces to recover/paint, etc. If only I could find some like these! So cool.

Wing back chairs are the easiest kind to find, but not all are created equal.

Maybe I should do a post about ugly vs. pretty wing backs.

I've always wondered why that Sound of Music song plays during the Holidays.

BUT I thought this is a good time of year to share some of my favorite go-to things. You either love it or hate it.

I personally LOVE it.

It can turn a modern/contemporary room turn from cold to inviting and casual. Maybe I'll do an entire post dedicated to them someday. I'll share the journey with you just in case anyone out there is interested in trying it out.

I weighed in on Thursday.

I also joined to support my husband, who is also doing it with me. Before I joined, my perception of Weight Watchers was that you had to be overweight to join. I'm in the healthy BMI rage and thought I may be turned down. R. R. co. donuts. Where did the year go? Every year seems to go faster and faster. Sometimes I wish I could push pause on life. just to enjoy everything around me.

Our Christmas was wonderful.

this is how it begins. Apparently I don't know how to keep a workspace neat. It mounds up and up until all the pieces I'm working on for an update are finished- then it all gets picked up and ordered again.

One way of expressing the bottom line is this: the ruling class is far more expert and much cleverer at these games than most alleged "dissenters," who consistently do nothing to ameliorate the evils that beset us, but only make them worse by playing directly into the ruling class's hands.

As I sometimes note, they do not constitute the ruling class because they're stupid. Remember: they're the ruling class.

You're not.

The system allows for "dissent" of this kind and counts on it. It helps to foster the illusion of choice, and the illusion that the system can be "reformed from within.

Architectural inspiration via elledecor.

CC is super smitten with this wonderful walk-in closet! Bec & Bridge Iodine midi dress, at shopbop. Fontana Tum Tum mini tote, at barneys. Good thing Glenn told us Mark is A-OK! Now we can get back to the important business of sharing wacky animal videos and inviting "friends" to play Candy Crush Saga!. When the coffee begins to rise up remove from heat. When foaming recedes return to heat and bring back to a boil. Repeat this procedure three times. - Oh, didn't know he was still on it. - Edgar Prado's agent explains their decision to ride probable turf horse Adriano over possible turf horse Monba and slow dirt horse Tale of Ekati in the Derby: "We won on Adriano in the Lane's End before we rode the other two. We felt obligated toward Graham. " - Pennsylvania's slots program was supposed to be all about property tax relief for homeowners, and the initial returns are in. .