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Hello my dear friends, just a quick note to say you hello!!!!.

and show you my news for St. Charles all together!!! I'm off for Denver tomorrow then we'll drive to Missouri next week, lot of fun!!! Here all my new designs available in my booth, all of them 'll be to shops after market and to Hoffman distributors and Yarn tree. and here some of my handmade for market!!! can hardly wait to meet my friends again and in the mentime I wish you 'happy creative days'. Hello Ai friends and happy Thursday! Today I am sharing a card using one of the wood mount stamps exclusive to AC Moore. I wanted to use the fun paper with numbers and this guy looks like a perfect math geek to go with it! I just omitted the sentiment on the stamp. His shirt and tie were paper pieced to match the patterned paper background. Since I omitted the sentiment, I typed up one of my own in a Word document to print for the inside. Hello Unity lovers, Jolande here with the winners of the Unity Thursday blog hop!! I hope these three winners will have a great Saturday!!! J Lisa Angela said. wow another amazing blog hop and what a sale u are having this weekend! but I must stop my once a week ordering at Unity. I just can't afford it! lol so hopefully I win a prize. It's been so long since I've done a real blog post, I feel like I need to catch up before I can move forward. Please bear with me! I finished two small quilts on Veteran's Day. I'm really happy to be enjoying both of them this Christmas. It's living on the back of the couch, and I've cuddled up with it a few times already. It doesn't have a cute name yet. O. S! MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Call Batman. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: " Do not be afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. " - Henry James The sleeping lady is shrouded in a thick blanket of fog this cold Monday morning. A chilly stillness hangs over BoBo this morning. Viability is low like the current tide on us. The sun is expected to make an appearance latter on this morning. Lets hope the surf follows. The surf sounds fun but, I can't see whats going on.

There are a few people walking out to the Channel and Groin pole.

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It's finally warming up, and frankly It's hard to trust it, I know. Fingers crossed I'm right. so let's celebrate. We all deserve it after the winter we've endured. I'm working on a few one of a kind and limited edition rabbits and bears for the shop which I hope to post before too long, but for now let's talk Rabbits. LINEN RABBITS made by JENNIFER: The POLKA DOT CLUB Cuddling Rabbit and Rolypoly Rabbit are new in the studio and frankly I'm so smitten with them. The Rolypoly rabbit is brand new and is just right for rolling or plunking into a basket surrounded by chocolate eggs. It's so smooth and it tastes better!"Oddly, she said this while we were on the way to church, so I have no clue how she knew it would taste better.

I guess, of course, that fresh snow must always be better.

Me: "Wow! Those are some stripes. Bingkisan Rawatan Resdung Posted in:. A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. The need to separate what is ritually pure from what is ritually impure. But even if that is timebound, the prohibition includes a timeless psychological principle. And the cautionary tale of Solomon illustrates that psychological principle. In context, it could be referring to participation in the public and private idolatrous religiosity of pagan Corinthians. JohnThakoonVera WangZac PosenZero + Maria Cornejo Which dress do you desire? CC is smitten with the Jason Wu! xoxox, CC. The Dare to Get Dirty challenges are in full swing over at Splitcoast. Here's another challenge sample I put together, this time for AndreaEwen's challenge that posted this morning. I sanded the edges for some contrast against the Kraft doily Next is a layered flower created with Verve's Floral Circles die set and some of the neutral patterns from the Reflections paper pad At the very top is a blingy flower center from a Prima pack that I found during my Hobby Lobby shopping trip with Kristin Eberline. I used the Swirling Lace corner and edger punches do the border around the perimeter of the card. This is a super simple and a ubiquitous bhaaji that you will find in South Indian homes. As a kid who liked cabbage in any form? neither the simple nor the spicy. It smelt so awful always. Then you grow up and you make peace with this bhaaji. Conditions apply, the cabbage has to be shredded fine, it has to be cooked perfectly, there should be a perfect glaze and a crunch retained. Yes I perfected the recipe in Blr. This will be useful for all the beginner cooks and lonely souls missing Ma's food and will cry into their bowl of cabbage palya once they try this recipe.

Splutter the mustard seeds, add the urad dal.

Kalispell is in the North Western corner of Montana and Billings is in South Central/South Eastern Montana. Last month, after England and a short visit to Vancouver, I met up with my baby brother in Northern California and together along with his best pal and my best pal we drove the scenic route down to Los Angeles. Upon our LA arrival we shot over to my partner's house, stuffed the already busting at the seams car with as many vintage velvet, taffeta and silk dresses as we could and headed over to photographer Yudi Ela's house. All of the dresses in the above shots are available now in our Pasadena shop and will soon be available online for purchase along with many, many more. You can see the full collection of photos here! All photos by Yudi Ela, please credit this lovely lady should you repost them. Thanks! .

We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around.

Many thanks to all who participated. This is in spite of the fact that temperatures were lower than in the past two decades. "The surprising thing is that this paradox can be explained relatively easily with radiation," says Huss, who was recently appointed to the post of senior lecturer at the Department of Geosciences at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. On the basis of their calculations, the researchers have concluded that the high level of short-wave radiation in the summer months is responsible for the fast pace of glacier melt. .