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Last Saturday was my first visit and I found it surprising and interesting.

I will definitely go back!. Whatever we have done with our lives makes us what we are when we die. And everything, absolutely everything, counts. I bought an extra suet cage at the farm supply store. I cut up pieces of yarn and collected some dryer fuzz for nesting material. If nothing else it provides a spot of color in the yard. The next time I brush the black and white wonder dog I will add some of his fur. Far Guy braved the snow banks and cleaned out all the Blue Bird and Chickadee houses.

If you go out when it is early morning you can walk on top of the snow banks.

Yesterday morning Chance was outside laying in front of the window when a huge Hawk swooped down and tried to grab something in the snow bank.

either a bird or perhaps a mouse. Recently, some friends and I decided it was time for a nice little dinner party. As the date grew closer, I developed a Grand Vision. Instead of the usual low-key potluck affair, I was called to do something more ambitious. Deep inside me, I felt the stirrings of a culinary adventure calling out to me: I called it the Middle Eastern Feastern. First things first: the mandatory vegan deliciousness of Baba G & Hummus. So good, so simple.

This Baba Ghanoush is so good: smoky, creamy eggplant is mixed with tahini, garlic and a little yogurt.

I don't really remember when it started, but at some point, my brother got really into hot and spicy foods. He started dousing his burritos in super spicy hot sauce, and ordering his food super spicy when we went out for Mexican food. I think it started when he was in high school, maybe? Anyway, it totally suits his personality because he is daring and funny and gregarious. so he is happy to rise to the challenge! A few years back we went snowboarding in Lake Tahoe together with Mr. VE&T, me, my brother, and his oldest son. At dinner, after a long day on the slopes, my brother and my nephew ordered "super hot" buffalo wings. Creating crisis is the specialty of this administration. Failure to examine and question statistics will always lead you down the rabbit hole and into Obamaland. But, wait a sec. J-Dub helps Linkara as he goes over this oft-overlooked gem from Sunsoft Japan: Batman for the PC-Engine! ‎. Miniature Liquor Bottle CollectionTry some fast and furious window shopping today at curioussofa. Many new items have been added this week and some replenished in other categories. Stay tune!Small Metal School Globe with a Zodiac baseI've added a lot of Random Silver Pieces for all of you craftersLoving this Yellow Kitchen Scale for the island. Several months ago, when I purchased the house with no name, I announced to one and all that I was finally settling down. No more to roam. I did add I would be on the road for a few trips. But then I was tossing out the anchor to enjoy the sybaritic life of Mexico. My trips would fill my calendar from November through early March. Since then, I have been acting as squire of the manor. For six years, I lived on the other side of the bay. I have nothing similar in Barra de Navidad. August. I was driving from my assignment in Greece to a new one in the United Kingdom. But the night was mine. Any support would be greatly appreciated. via. We live just over an hour from New York City. that awful feeling of waiting to hear from the friends and family who worked in the city. We didn't hear from some until very late in the day. But we were lucky. Everyone in our lives were accounted for. Many will have tragic memories that will stay with them forever. If you wake my girlfriend up and she's angry it'll be your fault! You can deal with her! - Now that I think about it, it might make for an interesting podcast. I'll even write a blog entry about it! We can chat about anything you like! one red paperclip, trading, fun, podcasting, ninjas. anything. The cost of UK booze is the third highest in the EU behind Finland and Ireland, and we pay some of the most expensive prices in the world. so today's tiresome 'public health' whine is about how alcohol is, nevertheless, far too cheap. Natch. The report itself is the usual collection of pre-determined 'research', half-truths, selective arguments and junk opinions from professional finger-wagging misery guts, all wrapped up into a package of snake oil salesmanship designed to grab a few headlines and enrage the more bovine judgemental pricks in society. However, one theme stands out for its stunning hypocrisy. You see, these alcohol-haters seem to think that they're a big friend of pubs now. I often share my idea boards, but they are usually the large size and full of detail. Kaye emailed me asking me to help her with her bedding, and I wanted to share this with you. The nightstand you see is from the new bedroom set she purchased from Magnussen Home. - Two large euro shames will be propped up against the pillows and done up in a green lattice print and light gray. The front side green fabric is from Calico Corners and the back fabric is just a basic gray linen, you can find something like that at JoAnn's. - The throw is a slurge from Crate & Barrel and will lay at the end of the bed. The Gift of FlightSometimes, especially when I find myself ensnared in the metal trap of a traffic jam, one of hundreds just like me, each of us caged inside our respective vehicles - hands on wheels, eyes straight ahead - my mind tends to wander right out of my car and away to the wildest of places. I often find myself playing the solitary game of “what if”.

No doubt, you are familiar with this game, perhaps even playing it yourself on especially boring occasions.

One plays the game simply by imagining scenarios that are wildly divergent from the usual routine of one’s life, mulling over the myriad of resulting possibilities that arise from questions such as. This weeks challenge is a fun one! We want to see you make a card for a young boy! It can be birthday,shower cards or just to say "hi". here is what the DT came up with. Dawn Anne Barbara Deloris Renee Soili-Maria What a great job they did! Before we get to the details about the contest. here is our winner for last weeks challenge. Love all the adorable Polar Pal stamps. Yes I know the best birders get up early to catch the worm but sometimes a lie-in just seems a good option, especially after a run of icy mornings with not much doing. So waiting until lunch time I set off for Pilling hoping to see a freshly arrived Wheatear, perhaps hear a Chiffchaff, or watch a Sand Martin or Swallow hurrying north - anything really which might indicate the arrival of Spring. Not much at Lane Ends itself, just a pair of Canada Geese and a pair of Greylags seeing who could make the most noise above the trilling of the Little Grebe pair on the smaller west pool. The morning must have warmed up. Little Grebe European Peacock All the bird action seemed to be nearer Pilling Water with several Meadow Pipits, leftovers from the morning rush hour I’d perhaps missed. There was no sign of any Wheatears ready for the pepper pot of meal worms stashed in the camera bag. Spotted Redshank Spotted Redshank Greenshank There was a good selection of wildfowl too, refugees from the shooting season but still as wary as ever and giving a sporting chance of a picture when they flew about the pools expecting a volley of shots from guns not a camera. This from Galleycat:As Borders closed forever this weekend, one patron snapped a photograph of a bitter bookseller’s manifesto at an unidentified store: “Things We Never Told You: Ode to a Bookstore Death. ”So funny!. Hello darlings! You've no doubt seen the king size mattress I've had on my floor for quite some time. Tonight she and I stopped by Aren't We Naughty to pickup some essentials and some ideas.

We agreed that I should get this little red item.

How would you like us to use this in a show? Stay tuned for some sexy and creative fun!. My daughter took the BIG ONE to school for her teacher.

This ginormous Hershey Bar is in the candy aisle at the grocery store!this one had to be more masculine as her teacher is a man.

same basic template as yesterday. - EbayLa nouvelle photo sur EBAY. mais un petit peu plus en pied. La prochaine fois on aura peut être le droit de voir les chaussures que portait Olivia Newton-John lors de cette session pour Denise Truscello. She'd now be the beneficiary of immensely valuable free coverage as much as that guy on the Democratic ticket. This guy. Instead, Palin served as the lightning rod collecting our culture's huge reservoir of misogynistic loathing. The ensuing spectacle has been remarkably and profoundly disgusting. You can start here and follow the many links, to see some sickening low points in this unleashing of hate and contempt directed at women as such discussed in detail. So it was Sprouts Dahi Misal for her. She asks me, "Do you make soft puris? I love them but for now something healthy. " We shared a fun filled afternoon together with hilarious stories of how she weeds out non veg in the salad at school in a distant land informing me, "You never know what they serve". That was knowledge transfer she thinks. We were in splits about my drowning act in Goa.

She loves my story of how tsunami was created when all the guys counted down to relieve themselves all together and at once.

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