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As we all know we have seen or experienced this very thing.

Some, pathways have no profitable destinations. A woman who keeps the home fires burning. Keeps the home alive. Using brush, pencil and acrylic paint, airbrushing only finishing details, he creates memorable images in a hyper-realistic style. Hajime Sorayama. We've got teeth on the brain lately, as she just got braces put on last week. I just loved those cute little baby teeth. The Circle Scribbles dies were used here as flowers, the Monthly Moments: May stamp set for the leaves, and Clip Tips for the cute little "Special Day" tab! And I stamped and die cut the butterflies from Life Is Beautiful. I don't know if you can see it, but I added some fine glitter to the butterflies as well. You can use these to hold photos, journaling or even just pretty embellishments. SUPER happy to see one of Ashley's latest looks + Olsens Anonymous featured on Vogue's weekly THE SOCIAL SHOPPER story by Meredith Melling Burke! Make sure to check it out for more on how to get inspired by Ashley's look. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa school, coach rich vos. Usually I'm not one to ask people for their autographs. I just don't see autographs as a way to bond me with someone. But every so often, I'll go against the grain. Like last week, as seen in the picture above. Author Robin D. G. m. I felt like a piece of home was with me and I felt much more "settled" living here with my car. Wombwell Ings -. McIlrath who's selection last season was questioned by many a Ranger fan when Cam Fowler was still out there reports tomorrow to the Moose Jaw Warrior training camp. The person we feel for is Marnel Rasmussen the Warrior's media relations person as she only has to keep track of all of those trying out for Moose Jaw and their new head coach Mike Stothers. For McIlrath, he could not have asked for a better selection for a new head coach with Moose Jaw in Stothers. The best way to describe why we named the Prospect of the Month after Dean Prentice is to borrow from the folks at the Legends of Hockey's description of Dean Prentice during his time as a New York Ranger. Prentice became the two-way standout who excelled at backchecking, killing penalties, working the corners and jumping onto the powerplay. As such, Prentice has been characterized as the most underrated forward of his era. All you have to do is look at those who the Ranger fans select as the winners of the "Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award" to see the kind of standards Ranger fans have. It is with those standards in mind when we pick who is the Ranger prospect of the month because sometimes it is not how many points you put up but what you do in order to help your team win. Dean Prentice Prospect of the Month for October- Sam Klassen of the Saskatoon BladesOthers had more points, others had highlight performances but what nobody else offered was the consistent performance that could be tied directly to how well his team played. Had you asked us at the beginning of the month who we thought was going to suffer from the "Post-Camp Blues" after being cut our first thought was Klassen. Louis, was belly crawling her way to the end of a long, narrow tunnel. The tunnel was carved in the rock at a desert oasis by Egyptians who lived in the time of the pharaohs. “I was crawling along when suddenly I felt stabbed in the chest,” Smith says.

“I looked down and saw that I was pressing against the broken end of a long bone.

That freaked me out because at first I thought I was crawling over bodies, but I looked up and saw a sheep skull not too far away, so I calmed down.

At least the bones weren’t human. via Anne Hepfer X V. He didn't seem to ever listen to music when he drove, so I attempted to distract myself by memorizing the terrain. It might take me two hours to get there from the ranchita by foot, but it was do-able. This independence seemed a sort of salve to me, a tiny bit of breathing room amidst the rubble burying me alive. My internal mapping program was interrupted when the Hammer made an unscheduled stop in the placita, pulling up to a small cart built on the obviously homemade frame of a large tricycle. The contraption was topped by an immense beach-style umbrella in red and white, bearing the logo of a country club near Monterrey. Somehow, I doubted that they had loaned it out to the vendor. He was told it was a PRIVILEGE to be an American citizen.

Now anyone can sneak into the country and is offered lots of free stuff.

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I appliqued and embroidered the centers and then improvisationally pieced the remaining bits in a modern log cabin of sorts.

It was great fun.

Partly I liked the idea of reclaiming the quilt top, which I did in numerous versions including this one: This mini appeared in Kathreen Ricketson's first book, Whip Up Mini Quilts. A part of me wonders whether her untimely, recent death has anything to do with why I have returned to the design.

The other part that I always enjoyed was mixing all the different fabrics.

Sometimes, when my fabric stash feels overwhelming, I think that I should just limit myself to the fabrics I know for certain I'll use in a project in the next few months. But then, when I work on one of these, I realize that I need all that "stuff" because I never quite know what will work until I pull it out and audition it. In relation to a couple of previous posts, an anonymous person claimed that it is not permitted to wear cassocks outdoors. This is a false view. Here is the decree for the USCCB promulgating particular law for clerical dress in the US. In liturgical rites, clerics shall wear the vesture prescribed in the proper liturgical books. The use of the cassock is at the discretion of the cleric. sigo aportando, y subiendo cosas qe no habian !!eso, ya kato bajalo o. -The solitude. -Yume , shini iku utsu. Arzetta and Ed Widaman with "Peggy" and "Zetta". Some of you might remember these elephants from the Hubert Castle Show. well may be.

So the last few days I've met quite a few people for the first time or seeing old friends again.

Naturally they all ask 'What are you doing these days with all your free time?' I love to see the look on their faces when I cooly say. This Seeley Norton was built by Kenny Cummings and Dan Rose. Check out this amazing build: Seeley Norton website. The dancing was desperate, the music was worseThey bury your dreams and dig up the worthless Remember back when the exact GPS coordinates Bill Clinton's naughty bits was somehow as bad or maybe worse than Nixon's systematic demolition of the United States constitution in order to carry out political vendettas and destroy anyone he perceived as his enemy? No? Well it really happened. That was the actual verdict rendered by the late "Dean" of the insulated, inbred tribe of Very Serious People whose opinions set the terms of every public discussion of anything: "Clinton's behavior is truly Nixonian. And it is worse in one way. Nixon's actions, however neurotic and criminal, were motivated by and connected to the exercise of presidential power. He knew the place he occupied, and he was determined not to give it up to those he regarded as 'enemies. Five or six years from now, when the Benghaaaazi Freakshow is the rear-view mirror and a few of the braver members of the Washington press corps dare to opine that maybe the GOP went a little too far, it will be clear that all of their sound and fury came to nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

C'est pas ce genre de photos qu'on trouvait dans nos vieux Podiums ou Salut magazines !. I don't normally make French toast with sliced bread but since this is what I had from the shelter, I used it this time.

I mix eggs with some milk and a bit of vanilla extract.

Then I dip the bread on both sides and let the egg mixture soak in. I melt some butter on the griddle and place the soaked bread on it. I sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar then flip it and sprinkle it with more cinnamon sugar. As the bread cooks, it caramelizes the sugar which makes the bread very flavorful. Hello there Ribbon Peeps! Ginny here and I'm just can't stop making Halloween projects! I whipped up this collection of vintage inspired cards and topped them off with loads of trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

Ribbon/Supplies List: Black Circus Dots Grosgrain, Tangerine Satin Swiss Dots, Spider Web on Black, Black Plaid.

Vintage Images and Paper. Vintage Inspired Halloween Creativity Kit. Some Kai Greene for today. A couple of nice videos to watch for today. Still working on those scans. Our kids like rice, so we often put on a pot when we're camping, and we never throw out the leftovers. So while this food has a grownup attitude, kids may be drawn to it's bacon-y goodness. Chop the bacon and fry it in a skillet.

Remove the bacon and drain it on a paper towel, leaving the bacon fat in the pan.

of the bacon fat with a paper towel.

One of the basic rules of summer here in Sydney, if you're sensible, is to get the gardening jobs done in the early morning or the late evening and avoid the humid heat of midday.

But I'm nowhere near as sensible as I should be. Got them all home safely, which is the main thing, then slept in. Had a good-sized checklist of jobs to do, then amazed myself by getting them all done. So I thought I should finish up with a cool drink inside, blogging up a lap of the summer garden here in Amateur Land. It's summer, the perfect excuse for a fragrant frangipani shot. The wonderful thing about the classic Sydney frangipani – the one with the white flower with the yellow centre – is there's never anything you need to do to them, apart from enjoy them. The rule here is 'neglect them' and they thrive on local rainfall and nothing else. .