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I pulled the beef, minced the onions that were also smoked with the chuck.

Here are some high-quality scans of the Free HMV Magazine "the music & movie master" issue no. The ladies represent Emerald Parlor, a group the recreates Victorian Era costumes More on Emerald Parlor and their hobby here: Living Life in the Golden AgeThe location was the Dublin Pub. Steve Denny will post the Gull Roosts blog later this evening.

It's worth waiting for!.

Gardens, and Elizabeth Weinberg. Being a deep lover of kitties and film photography, this is by far my new favorite tumblr. "girls & cats, cats in soft focus, cats on film, dream cats.

Men vi har klart oss for frost og ute føles det fortsatt godt om ettermiddagen.

Sakset fra Yr. no. I absolutely love this editorial. The first photo alone blows me away. If you have more information on where and when this editorial is from, please let me know. Model: Emma PeiEditorial: UnknownMagazine: UnknownPhotographer: LiQiSource: LiQi Studio.

So it's a month till my next birthday.

and well, I kind of have an announcement. I have a boyfriend. Sheesh. You can't be too careful. Well, I can't. I would like to thank everyone for joining in and making this such a fun blog hop - especially Zutter's for supplying the prizes!!. '"Observation:Balaak was prepared to pay Balaam anything he wanted if Balaam would just curse Israel. Balaak knew that what Balaam cursed was cursed and what he blessed was blessed. Balaam spoke the best words any prophet, pastor, leader, could speak. "I have no power to say whatever I want, I will speak only the message that God puts in my mouth". He realized that he could speak other things, but his words would be powerless unless the Lord had ordered his words. Application:I want to be a person who speaks or preaches messages put in my mouth by God and not out of my own spirit or flesh. Many people today just operate out of the mind and say "good words" that may not be "God words". May we go back to seeking the Lord until we have a message burning in our hearts from Him. The church is always better off hearing what God is speaking instead of what a pastor or leader thinks needs to be spoken. Many people today would have taken Balaak's money and spoke the words he wanted him to because it would appear to be God's blessing financially. The Buddhists believe that life is suffering. Isn't it loneliness too? We share profound fragments of our existence with persons who are very close to us.

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Aaron and I both took last Friday off so we could take a long weekend in Wisconsin with the Romans.

We love to visit them and always have such a great time!Unfortunately, the weather kind of sucked so we couldn't go to the Cranberry Festival like we planned, but we did do some shopping, watched some football and hung out at the Landing for a few drinks. Here are a few pictures from our trip:You had to stick your hand in the bear to get candy! Jenna was leery at first, then loved it!Brode pimpin' the Hawkeye stuff and Uncle Steve's boots. The leaves are so pretty up there right now. Wisconsin wears 'em out!. I have got an order for a card and also a few people took my little flyers with my blog addy etc, so hopefully I'll get a few more orders in the near future. Supplies Stamps: Magnolia, Sailor Tilda, Old Bench, Birds, Goblin Grass, Autumn Leaves Sentiment Tools: Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, Embossing Folder, Stampin Up Spiral Punch, Distress Ink, Prismacolors, SansadorCardstock: Bazzill, Creative Smooth, BazzillDP: MagnoliaEmbellishments: Raffia from stash. .