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There's nothing like long books. They're perfect for holidays, and perfect to ramble through in the snatched spare moments of ordinary life. New York by Edward Rutherfurd. My friend Emma introduced me to this epic novel of the history of New York, as seen through the eyes of the generations of a family. I look forward to reading London, which by all accounts is even better. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. I particularly enjoyed the sympathetic portrayal of Protestant martyrs like Ridley, Latimer and Tyndale. Here are two videos from the WCC website that give an insight into the college's unique approach to the education of the whole person: Everything in ExcellenceWisdom in God's Country. powered by Hipcast. see more of this wonderful home in Montreal here photos:Steve Monpetit. Sibling Memories & Fun at the Falls. The Power of the Powerless and the Farcical Elections in Cuba"Even a purely moral act that has no hope of any immediate and visible political effect can gradually and indirectly, over time, gain in political significance.

Their is also an undercurrent of terror that far worse things can happen to you and your loved ones.

Finally, whats the point if you annul a ballot it is the dictatorship that counts the ballots in the end giving whatever result they deem suitable. Czech dissident Vaclav Havel understood the great importance of such purely moral acts and the power of the powerless who rejected the lies propagated by the regime in power in order to live in truth.

It can be any means by which a person or a group revolts against manipulation: anything from a letter by intellectuals to a workers' strike, from a rock concert to a student demonstration, from refusing to vote in the farcical elections to making an open speech at some official congress, or even a hunger strike, for instance.

I'm sitting in the lobby of a hotel in San Francisco, where I am attending the AALS Annual Meeting. More importantly, I've been able to spend time with valued friends and colleagues, talking about things that matter. By the way, the Golden Gate University Advocacy and Skills Reception, hosted by Wes Porter and Bernie Segal, was a tremendous success. For those of you who supported Wes and Bernie by attending it, allow me to thank you on their behalf. I also spent some time wandering through the exhibit hall at the meeting. Mark Wu and Ronald Cheng courtesy of mingpao.

himself, he even invited two great gods Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, as well as the film lead Cheng Chung Kei to recruit online.

Yesterday morning, we were able to smoothly transfer my dying patient to his home for his final hours with family. The nuts and bolts of midwifing a death. A call came late yesterday afternoon that the family was beginning to implode, verbally attacking the main non-family caregiver, creating a very stressful atmosphere. I was able to calm the situation somewhat over the phone, and hoped that all would be well enough for my dear patient to have a peaceful night, which would later prove to be his last night on earth. m. Saturday when deputies responded to a report of a domestic incident. m. She said she had to leave the house because she feared for her own safety. Domestic-Church. Namie will be appearing on Ken Hirai's new single "Grotesque feat. sonymusic. co. jp/artist/KenHirai. A lot of people have hobbies. Collecting stuff or going to the gym. I dig art supplies. I suppose I have to, being an artist and all. In the past, I tried out lots of different pens. There was a thought in my head that maybe there was some pen I hadn't tried yet that was really amazing and would actually make me draw better. Striscione che hanno poideposto a bordo campo. Online shopping really has never been easier. Check out our revamped mobile webstore from your smart phones now only at m. cottonink. co. id! . "A bottle of red, a bottle of white—it all depends upon your appetite. I'll meet you any time you wantin our Italian restaurant. Woo-hoo. No butterflies reported in the state yet - when one does appear, it will be the latest first sighting in ten years. Sixty degrees outdoors today - for the first time in five months. I'm out the door. TTYL. Keep On Keeping On: Hillary has joined the Clowns in promising ever more surveillance of ordinary citizens because the current regime of watching us damned near all the time, everywhere we go, watching every cent we spend just isn't stopping the bad people. So obviously more is needed, although I don't see how cameras in our bathrooms will actually stop nuts with guns. But Hillary insists that it has to be done so no one feels their privacy is invaded. Strangely, both they and we think this is perfectly all right. Perspective: Before you rush out to by yet another gun, remember that you are far more likely to be killed by medical errors in the hospital than you are by terrorists. You are also in greater danger from attacking deer, cows, dogs and brain-eating parasites than by crazed Muslims. I have enjoyed every single moment of this pregnancy. I love, love, love my round tummy, and I savor every second of feeling my little one squirming and rolling, and kicking inside of me. I feel more beautiful and energetic than ever. I have an overall feeling of well-being and at times almost giddy elation. I am sad that my pregnancy is ending. In the Gospel we just heard, Jesus says, in effect,‘It’s better to be a hearer of God’s Word, and to do it, than merely to be the physical mother of the Word of God. ’That’s true, of course—but to some,it sounds like Jesus is putting Mary down—some of our fellow Christians cite this passageas “proof” that we Catholics are wrongto give Mary all the honor we give her. But I don’t believe for a momentthat the Lord would everput his mother in a negative light. Any of us would be embarrassedto do that, wouldn’t we?Let me suggest a better answer. Jesus said what he said because he knew—and he knew everyone listening, knew—that both statements were true of Mary!It is not that Mary receives no blessingfor being his mother—rather, even greateris her blessing for being his devoted follower. St. Augustine said that Mary first conceived Jesus in her heart—by the obedience of faith—and then conceived him in her womb. Can you smell those coffee beans? No? Take a deeper whiff and try again. I fancy myself a bit of a coffee aficionado. I love a good cup, am an avid fan of the way coffee smells and even think the beans are kinda, sorta pretty. I'm not as bad as a local coffeehouse I go to where the "expert" behind the counter can wax on and on about the subtle, fruity notes of the latest Bosnian shade grown blend, but I love coffee. Lately, I've been loving it in a new way. I purchased a French Press and I am smitten. I adore the flavor, the small quantities you can make so there's no waste, and the anticipation of waiting until the coffee has steeped and I can depress the plunger/filter. I even like the action and sound of plunging the filter. Me being me, one of my first thoughts about my new French press was what could I craft to adorn it?How about a sweet, little cozie to keep my precious java warm to the last drop? And what makes a newly crafted item all the more enjoyable? Sharing it with friends, of course. This weekend is our First Ever Open House. The house is almost ready and we are awaiting the arrival of Deborah Garner and her textiles and jewelry. Across the street, Alicia is busy spiffing up her art studio and packaging all kinds of artwork. I'm still glazing my pottery. I'll load the kiln for the last time this afternoon and unload it early Saturday morning. Making pottery is a really long process.

First I have to make it out of clay.

After the pottery dries - which can take several days - I decorate each piece with underglazes. I paint the motifs on. Each piece is totally different. Here are some things before I have outlined the motifs with black underglaze. Here's what the pottery looks like after the black lines are added. lu dance from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. Hey folks! New challenge. and ONLY challenge in December over at RRR! So you better join us!!!! It is a Winter theme with ribbon. Here is my project, a fun card with a colorful twist. I used bright colors that I thought would be cheerful for after Christmas. It is always a tad sad to put everything away and it is easy to get the blues. This card is perfect to cheer someone up. I've always said that having children exercises your brain more than sitting in a classroom. Which is to say, on millions of plants, all around us, all winter. Sigh. The doctor didn't know much about it except for the paragraph that came with the test results. It's a delayed-reaction immune-system sort of allergy, rather than a rash or wheezing, so no one seems to know much about it. Powers Elephants!. It's finally friday! Long week my friends. I finally figured out how to box these teddy grahams up for the Ronald McDonald house kids. I attached a stamped bear to the clear box filled with the bears and added a ribbon. Pretty simple A sweet little treat for them. In case you missed the previous post, this is what they look like inside the box.

The how to's are on my previous blog post.

We are just crazy for chickens around here!And. Our three winners will get their hands on a copy of Reach for Infinity, a new science fiction anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan, courtesy of the folks at Solaris. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winners are: - Zachary Paul, from Haslett, Michigan, USA - Timothy Broekhuizen, from Hudsonville, Michigan, USA - Roddy Williams, from London, England Many thanks to all the participants!. PJHS track meet vs. Lawrence Jones MS. Overcast with light winds sideshore / offshore. Sun should be out later. Still fun little waves to ride. Channel: Waves in the thigh to waist high range and breaking cleanly on the middle bar. Fun lefts best on a longboard today. Scarlet satisfaction, darlings!Runway images courtesy style. MendelMarchesaValentinoYigal AzrouelWhich cardinal confection do you covet?xoxox,CC. Wanna see the Princess of Barsoom in action? Then, let's goooooo. I am an intuitive cook and sometimes a simple bhaji turns out so good that it has to be put on this space.

This is not a pairing I am used to.

Some experimentation makes the everyday food so exciting. Hi everyone. Bonnie here today with a bright and colorful summer card using fabby ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon and great dies from Cheery Lynn Designs. These assortments work really well together since they are all primary and secondary colors. I love the blue and orange bow on my card today. Not a member yet? JOIN TODAY! You can either begin with the June Citrus Assortment or you can get the May and June shipped together for a special introductory price. Each monthly assortment is color or holiday themed. What a fun way to build your ribbon stash and try new ribbons. Good morning! What a fabulous Friday! Sorry for the late post.

got wrapped up in summer "time".

In my case that is not knowing the date! Today I have a fun red, white and blue themed card. It uses a ribbon from the May Ribbon Club assortment. Agency: Landor. .