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A Red Wreath was also assigned for January.

Hopefully I will have it finished by month's end. Please refere to the Writing Guidelines for more specifics. Feel free to run it by me. You will be penalized if you don't adhere to the parameters specified there. - Text should be cited by book, chapter, and page number, e. g. We are asking for groups of at least three or more people to write a proposal of how you envisage your zine. Its entirely up to you, but we are particuarly interested in fresh, innovative ideas. Interested? For full details of the project and our terms and conditions please go to. Leaf mulching has begun. I did the whole yard yesterday. We had a bit of a frost that nipped one of the marigolds and killed my last sunflower. The grass is green and still growing. There are no real pretty trees in our yard but a friend has some beautiful Maples in her yard. We have been working on something from our list every day. I have no idea what this is.

Perhaps one of my readers will know.

It was a gift to Far Guy from his cousin Bonnie.

It may or may not have anything to do with being a tailor.

I have put one of Chances new non slobbered up tennis balls next to the mystery item. so you can tell the size. Let the guessing begin. galerie gosserez presents the exhibition 'cirkel' by dutch designers daphna isaacs burggraaf and laurens manders of daphna laurens. each piece within the installation draws its form from the circle and curve. the works are the result of a manipulation of shape, resulting in a fantastical circular series. via.

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Here is an ornament project that many of you may have seen before, but it is still one of my very favorites. Silhouette ornaments! The great thing about these is that you can create a new bunch every year. What a fun way to watch your family grow!If you want to read about how I made these, go here. ‎. Assess the strategies for getting words down on the page so you can start to answer the key questions about your story. Apply the techniques other writers use to your own work and learn how to create a connected, casual narrative. Look at the options for selling your work and how to create a relationship between audience and author. Visit Joe's website for more information on his latest novels. It's taken a few years, but Author Michael Kruland's fifth Professor Moriarty finally released just last month, and it's proving to be worth the wait by critics and fans alike. When Sherlock Holmes is unavailable to solve a crime, who do you call? Professor Moriarty. And, as Meredith Frazier says in a new review from ReviewingtheEvidence. " Read the full review here.

Need to catch up on the other Professor Moriarty cases before reading this thriller? Visit Kruland's personal website for a list of all his books including the Professor Moriarty series.

Why Every Woman Needs a Needle. Like mother like child, they say. I think my mother invented the prayer for God to give her patience RIGHT NOW. Like her, I’ve never been a very patient person. Before I was married I was a reporter for our local daily newspaper. I think that’s when I got the writing bug. After marriage, I wrote short stories while raising my family and managed to sell a couple to national magazines. As the children grew older and I had more free time, I decided I would write the great American novel. Michael C. Carlos MuseumiTunes required. Shelton of the Candler School of Theology. Hear their first thoughts about the mummy, with Carlos Curator of Egyptian Art Peter Lacovara. Gold Leaf Necklace: Body Central. Gold Peep Toe Flats: Giani Bini. Today I am going to an outside food festival, to ride the river boats, and for some fabulous Graeters ice cream! It is scorching hot this weekend in Cincinnati, so a cool summer dress it is for me!This necklace is one of my recent finds at Body Central. Well, this post was going to be about having holy Mass at the Basilica of Saint Paul's. But that didn't happen today, and I don't know when it will happen. Here's my story. Arriving at Stazione Termini a few minutes later, I got off the one train, and walked up a staircase to get a train on Linea B. What's going on? This is where not speaking the language really hurts. There are signs, and messages on the video terminals, but all in Italian. Who knows what announcement might have been made that I tuned out? I walk around, hoping to figure something out. After a few minutes thought, I realize: if it were a short delay, the gates wouldn't have been closed and locked. acidcow. oh boy! this is getting really serious, i've got a pixies elves' fever. last winter, i made a simple paper doll featuring my knee huggers rag dolls. it was so cute! it was a funny test, just playing, but i fancied well printed on a beautiful and sturdy mate paper. so i kept it into a drawer waiting for christmas. althought the basic idea was already created it has taken me a lot of time, tests and drawings until i had the final print designed. as i can't make so many elves as i would like. You can't help falling for him because the booty is just so right. I'm talking, of course, about Gonzalo Higuain. Hope you like!. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he". Observation: Jesus was talking about his friend and relative, John the Baptist. When he described John, Jesus said that there was never anyone greater than him. He then adds that the least person in the kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist. Application: Jesus said that the least person in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John. John was living under the Old Covenant and we are living under a New Covenant. We are living in the time of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We must realize that we have the Greater One living in us. We must understand that John the Baptist didn't have that.

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