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My October focus on horror movies is over, but there are still so many I haven't seen. I'll keep watching them but not as often. It's based on a Dean Koontz novel. I find it slow, but I find the story creepy. Child of rape as the next evolutionary step? Yuck. via Youtube:Stomp Tokyo says, "Thank goodness Star Wars came along and proved that sci-fi could be fun again. " The Spinning Image says it's "a true unappreciated science fiction and horror classic. "One can only hope that Santa has an air-conditioned sleigh, otherwise he is going to be reeking really bad in that fur lined red cloak!. Suddenly, you notice a passenger standing up holding onto a rail with armpit raised"Even though it’s not quite summer here in Sydney, it is certainly starting to feel like it. This year it seems that the humidity has started earlier than normal, as we don’t often experience that humid, clammy feeling until January at the earliest. Updates on all phases of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s promotional efforts for Alaska fisheries will be presented in Anchorage Oct.

Today’s schedule will include a fisheries update from Andy Wink, senior seafood analyst for the McDowell Group in Juneau, and reports from ASMI staffers Larry Andrews on retail marketing, Claudia Hogue on food service marketing and Alexa Tonkovich on international marketing.

This webinar will analyze the current law surrounding the persecutor bar and provide practitioners with guidance and strategies on how to successfully advocate for asylum seekers. However the speakers and content would seem to meet the requirements of some jurisdictions. More Information And Registration. courtesy of singtao. Speaking of his son Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung's Hong Kong Film Award nomination, Chi Wai's wife called Venus Wong Man Yik with the good news right away. Chi Wai said, "She's the future daughter in law. She's easier to find, long distance phone call is expensive!" Did they already confirm Wong Man Yik's position? He said, "For now! The most important is for them to be happy. Final Term Project: The project involves a hypothetical situation in which you are hired to advise and develop strategy about entry in a new country. The term paper should deal with all relevant topics. For example: a. Economic, Political & Cultural Environments. Friends - I'm hoping to write a new blog post about all that I am experiencing on my trip to Israel with AIPAC's Educational Foundation. In the meantime, here are two videos that I have recorded. Shabbat Shalom From Jerusalem!. I've been researching some products in our kitchen shelves for tips on craft-kit-instruction-writing. This one is particularly inspiring. Who knows what it really means. dry mix can be? Amazing. It appears out of nowhere, and is thought to be able to travel not just through space but also through parallel worlds. However, its methods of doing so and power source are unknown. It is assumed to be part of the "Chum Tzelem" series of mobile weapon Euzeth Gozzo was working on in the Ze Balmary Empire, but it is unknown if this unit belongs to the empire. However, its association if any with the SRX and Masoukishin is unknown.

It might be simply an unintentional double-entendre.

It certainly could be passed by quickly if not for the audience before which it was delivered. LGBT Learns About Michelle I never would have guessed that about her. There is so much in that movie that is exactly the way it was when I was growing up. Exactly!. Clothing and trinkets from the past, you sure do look mighty fine in yellow. Jill joined us at Happy Scrappers this past weekend and she worked on this quilt. It is stunning. She put this fleece on the back. This is going to be loved and warmed by someone in Michigan! Janalee shows us the star block that she made. And I just played with scraps. What fun!ON ANOTHER NOTE: Speaking of scraps, Rebecca Mae Designs has a tutorial for a beautiful scrappy block. You'll love it. Until next time, ♥Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive! Caroll.

"Ganesha Aarti" is a Devotional song of the Hindus sung in the praise of "Lord Ganesha - Son of Lord Shiva".

Pray to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is a Hindu God who removes all obstacles in life. Labels: Aarti, Arti, Bollywood, Ganesh, Ganesha_Bhajan, ganpati, God, Hindu, Lord, mangalmurti, Movie, music, parvati, Shiva, song, Vaastav, video, Vighnharta Get Gita-Blog Updates by e-mail. YouTube link. messynessychic. So, not too many changes in here that you will notice. Swapped out some lamps and tried to get the room out of the bowling alley look, butit is so narrow that bringing furniture out into the room would mean walking around it all the time like an obstacle course. I did try different layouts and thenthrew in the towel. I swapped out the chairs from the porch and now the chairs are with their matching tables. Since for years I had pizza and teens eating here I had the fabric seat ones on the porch. This great room is three stories high. When I tiled the first floor many years ago, I could not afford hardwood, and now I don't wish the expense to add it,since I don' t know how long I'll be here.

Lanvin Pouchette Oulouette Satin Bag.

Lanvin Pouchette Oulouette satin bag,Avalaya earrings,Kate Spade sunglasses,Willow The Eclipse wool-blend dress,Bally ankle booties. Guys: I added a new picture of Denis Istomin to his page in the brieflines archive. Enjoy!. Via the WHO, some news from freshly-crowned World Shark-jumping Champions, Latvia. Following the law on Children Rights Protection stating that smoking in the presence of a child is regarded as a physical violence, the tobacco control law now clearly states that smoking in the presence of a child is prohibited. Or maybe not. The Ministry of Health believes that the new approach and the philosophy of the law will help to push forward even more stringent rules in the future to fulfill obligations of the WHO FCTC and its guidelines. "Even more stringent rules in the future"? You mean that banging smokers and vapers up for GBH over pretend harm is just a starter for ten? What does Latvia propose as punishment for crossing a road with a child in front of fume-spewing idling traffic, a firing squad? If this is what the WHO are handing their legendary cash-stuffed envelopes out to achieve, it's surely time the UK copies the USA and tells the WHO we won't be bound by the hideous FCTC these unelected, corrupt, overpaid arses have created, doncha think? I don't call tobacco controllers extremists for nothing you know. It's just that it's the most accurate decription. The glaring omission is, of course, Healthism - "Shit happens to naughty people only". Smak Kit LOVE all the month stamps! so handy! I also have a peek at the Feb. Smak kit for you Sigh. LOVE the patterned Cheveron. The Pulse is a collaborative project that aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, further your own artistic expression, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. Stay tuned for a new post every Wednesday and see all previous posts in the series here. with an eraser.

Along with the spacious page size, I have discovered the joy of printing my own planner pages.

This has just about solved my planner switching-around problem. Hurray! And as if that weren't exciting enough, another benefit I've discovered is that the history of my pages is all in my binder. No more shuffling through books to see what I did last month or the month before. Easter is usually the last chance people have to camp out before the cold weather starts here.

Camping is big where I live, especially over the Easter weekend.

For the rest of us who stay home and sleep in real beds, I know the Easter bunny will find us but I'm not so sure about the campers. Sunny and Jamie fly home tomorrow and I'm dying to see them both. We might see them tomorrow, but if not they'll be here with Kerry on Sunday for Easter lunch. Good times! I hope you have a great Easter break. Take it easy, put your feet up and relax. I'll see you again next week, when my sister will be here. Worth/etc. area! Clearly, we need to have a meetup so we can discuss our love of planners with like-minded people in person, and give our bemused significant others/friends/etc. Stuart Nash, MP for Napier, is seen by some as one of the few 'good guys' in the Labour Party. There is ongoing speculation that he is disillusioned with the little man's leadership and is being wooed by Winston First to jump ship. The result. A phenomenon which almost no one chose to notice or care about at the time. "Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand. Da' money goes here:. Aparo at his best. Enjoy!. Enjoy Christmas and learn how to make Southern Frontier. Juleps have long been a great refreshing drink for the warmer climates, and a great tipple for bringing people together. You only need to look to The Kentucky Derby, with the Mint Julep as its official drink. My inspiration, being a lover of all things American whiskey, was to create a julep-style drink that’s easy to pre-batch and store, and even easier to prepare. This drink, once batched, can be used for a single serve, or if you’re having friends over, pitchers can be made and placed in the centre to share, much like a punch bowl would. This set is based on the beautiful Russian style Zhostovo painting that is popular amongst folk artists. Traditionally, the flowers are painted in many layers on a black or dark background, which makes the colours very rich and vibrant. Botanicals Set Available in Store Now Christine's Card Judy's Card Petra's Card A tag from Petra Shirley's Card Another Card from Shirley Anesha's Card . Instead of relegating the sentiment to a little corner of your card place it as the focal point and make it the shining star! Using just a sentiment is great if you need to make lots of cards quickly because you can set up a production line for the stamping then simply decorate with patterned paper and ribbon. YOUR TURN: Create a card that has a sentiment as it's focal point. Upload your creations here. Hi there. Ginny here from Polly's Paper Studio. Today is my first post as Guest Designer for August and I have to say I am pretty excited. Thanks to Bonnie for giving me the opportunity to share my projects using ribbons and trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon! I used the Natural Burlap in red and white and layered on Seam Binding in red to create a nice border on thebottom of this card. There's a few buttons tied with string for simple embellishments. The top of the cardhas a beautiful vintage inspired image of Santa layered on a button card and inked doily. I sewed the layersfor extra detail and to help keep the card sturdy.

To finish it off I layered in some pretty little chipboardsnowflakes that I inked and Stickled for a subtle shimmery sparkle.

Using a generous amount of red and cream Seam Binding, I created an extra poofy bow and topped it off with another button and glass headed pin. .