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Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends.

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He had great respect for the Lord and wanted to give God his very best. When it was time to build a house for the Lord, Solomon desired to give God his absolute best. Second best wouldn't do because he was doing it for the Lord. Application: Do we really honor God in the way we do things? Do we really give Him our very best? Do we go out of our way to make sure what we do for Him is done with absolute precision? Do we honor Him by giving all to Him? Today, especially when we build, we try to do it as cheap as possible so we save the Lord's money. I know God doesn't dwell in buildings built with human hands, but I do love the way Solomon honored Him and wanted to give God the very best. Prayer: Lord, let me do what I do for You to my very best. Help me to serve You with excellence and to walk in integrity in every area. It has now been over three months since the tragic accident that took the lives of Jeff and Carolyn Schrock’s five children. A few weeks ago Carolyn stopped in with her new baby, a dark-haired cutie that looks like Jeff. I had a thousand questions to ask her but hardly knew how to articulate them, or if they were appropriate. "Go ahead, just ask, it’s ok," she said calmly. "How is it now?" I said, a bumbling way of asking, "Does life go on? Is your soul scarred forever? Is there any beauty in that land of grief in which you now live?"She said, "There is grace. I feel like Job. He said,’I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee. ’ This is how different my life is: we went to Goodwill yesterday. Well. What was there to look for at Goodwill? We bought Jeff a pair of shoes, and then what? That was it. "I told her, "You and Jeff have earned this enormous credibility. They weren’t a great audience. That was fine by me, because I was too tired for constructive criticism and just wanted to strum. And if I’m honest the “performance” was just the two chords I have memorize and a few more I discovered by bastardizing some previous guitar knowledge. It was a diorama of a Languid Summer Evening. Cardboard cutouts flapping in the breeze. I loved it. The nylon strings sounded pretty and the percussive snuffling was nice backup. Have a fabulous weekend and wonderful New Year! Shellye . by Dan Phillips I realize that the premise is legitimately debatable, but for the sake of this discussion, we'll assume that the various styles I'll mention are all legitimate, and usable by Biblically-faithful churches. We're talking about doctrinally rich, Christ-exalting hymns in musical style/musical period/culture A versus doctrinally rich, Christ-exalting hymns in musical style/musical period/cultures A-C. That said:A church has Worship Style A, particularly in terms of music. Has had for years. Also, Steve Hays has posted a note about one aspect of this exchange. I thank him for it as it may be useful to anyone following along. I consider this topic closed. Jill has sent in a photo and a link to a You Tube video. I hope you enjoy her story. I love my job, but I also love to do homey things. Right now I am painting a few rooms in my house. participates in a discussion about working families? What the hell would he know about work? President "Ribbon Cutter" hasn't worked a day in his life. Meanwhile Valerie Jarrett and her cronies are running the country. Sunny skies with only a few wispy clouds. No wind and a smooth ocean. South swell on the way. Hoping for an increase in surf over the next few days. Channel: Low tide causing small surf. Waves breaking in the thigh high range at the Groin sandbard. Longboardable with a few in the water now. Patch: Small waves breaking out past the rock. Lots of bottom exposed! Waves are in the thigh high size.

First up was her flying geese.

And the back:Then I quilted this cheater panel with borders that's just lovely. Look how cute this panto is on this quilt!And the backing:. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Aerin Rose Swimwear, a fabulous line of bra-top maillots and bikinis! All items at aerinrose. AquaButterflyKaleidoscopeLaceParrot FishStrobeWatermelon. CC has and adores! Such a fantastic fit! Which one do you want? xoxox, CC P. S. Darlings, CC is loving these haute avian styles. from sassy sparrows to fashionable flamingos, there's a beautiful bird for every gal!Runway inspiration: sparrow-printed Miu Miu dress, pictured via style. Emanuel Ungaro, via nymag. Blumarine silk tunic and cropped jeans. Zac Posen Angelica crepe-jersey gown. Emilio Pucci printed jersey dress. Notte by Marchesa ruffled silk-crepe dress. Preen Collum dress. - Jerry Bailey apparently has a more significant role at Excelsior than I thought he did. But Paul Post wrote in the Thoroughbred Times the other day that Bailey already has recruited a management team to run New York’s racetracks if Excelsior Racing Associates secures the state’s Thoroughbred franchise. “I know who runs racetracks the best and the worst. I know who to pick and not to pick. That’s why they brought me on board, so that I could give them a true sense of what the problem was historically and what I viewed the solution was. “They’re going to help me solve it. That seems like a lot of responsibility for a consultant, but I suppose it shows good judgment to let a racing guy make those decisions. On the other hand, as bright of a guy that Bailey is, he has no experience in assembling management teams that I know of. I made this little house from a sheet of chipboard, some patterned paper and embellishments. The cardstock used to cover the roof was embossed through a cuttlebug and then inked to reveal the snowflake pattern.

It was relatively easy to put together once I worked out the extra paper needed to cover the added thickness of the chipboard.

I am hoping to make a little gingerbread house sometime before Christmas and will put up some step-by-step instructions and photos for anyone interested in having a go. This is the second post of the day. Be sure to scroll down to see the beautiful project that Jennifer has made for us today. Thank you so much for hopping along with us this month on the Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings Blog Hop. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT, SO JUST GET USED TO IT!. .